Riga Airport Solemnly Opens New Pier Construction Works


Today, Aldis Mūrnieks, chairman of the board of SJSC Riga International Airport, jointly with the architects and builders of the new pier solemnly opened the construction works by putting a capsule with a message to the future generations into the foundation of the building.

“The first stage in construction of this building is the beginning of an ongoing process aimed at strengthening the position of Riga Airport as the leading airport in the Baltics and Northern Europe. Expansion of the terminal is a logical next step in the steady growth of our airport over the period of forty years,” said Aldis Mūrnieks, chairman of the board of Riga Airport at the ceremony.

The construction works are performed by “Skonto Būve” Ltd., the construction supervision is provided by a general partnership “Būvalts P.M.G.”, the project belongs to “Arhis Arhitekti” Ltd.

Guntis Rāvis, chairman of the board of the construction company Skonto Būve, said: „We are very gratified indeed for the opportunity given to the national company Skonto Būve to build an object of major importance to our country. The skills and successful work record of our building specialists both in Latvia and in the recently accomplished Trondheim Airport project in Norway will significantly contribute to the development of Riga Airport  as the traffic hub of the Baltics. I am glad to see the builders who have come to the airport to upgrade Latvia’s gateway and facilitate its  development rather than to depart from Latvia in search of better living. Construction works proceed according to the plan and at the top quality.”

The 1st level of construction of the airport terminal provides the expansion of the non-Schengen area and four additional boarding sectors, so that the quality of airport’s services would be improved. After finishing the construction works, it will be possible to maintain even bigger aircrafts in the new terminal, which also will increase the airport’s capacity.

Keeping in mind that with the capacity of the existing terminal it is possible to highly serve 3.5 million passengers per year, however, now the amount of passengers that have already been served reaches 4.7 millions. With this amount, expecting a further increase of passengers, it is necessary to expand the airport in order to provide proper services to airlines, favourable conditions and highly-qualified service to passengers.

The expansion of the terminal is very important to improve the competitiveness of SJSC “Riga”” International Airport” in Europe. The expansion is an essential condition to attract new airlines and commence their business activity in Riga International Airport, as well as expand the activity of the existing airlines, which, in its turn, would stimulate the development of Riga International Airport as the leading airport in the Baltic region.

According to current calculations, it is certain that Riga International Airport will most likely overcome the verge of 5 million passengers per year not later than in 2017.

The airport realizes this project under its business acitivities by financing the project from the revenues and creditfunds raised from POHJOLA BANK PLC.