“Rīga” Airport has received four new busses


As the passenger number grew, it was no longer enough with the capacity of 4 busses in order to provide a high-quality passenger service. Therefore an international tender was announced, as the result of which an agreement on the purchase of four new busses was concluded with the Polish company “Solaris” for the total price of 760 000 lats.

The busses manufactured at the Polish bus factory “Solaris” will improve the punctuality and quality of passenger traffic to and from the airplanes. Now there will be eight busses to carry passengers across the apron. Each bus is capable of carrying up to sixty passengers.

The new busses will also provide a distribution of the passenger flow in accordance with Schengen Agreement requirements. The requirements provide that the airport has to divide the passenger flow into flights to countries which have joined the Schengen Agreement and into flights to countries which have not.

“Rīga” Airport will join the Schengen Agreement zone along with the transition to the summer flight schedule at the end of March.

The current number of busses will provide a punctual passenger service until the moment when the expanded terminal of the airport and new aircraft gates, which will allow passengers to board on and off the plane, will open.