Riga International Airport: Stricter Rules For The Vehicles At The Departure Zone


The existing road signs No. 327 (no parking) were changed to No. 326 (no stopping) with additional signs No. 842 (except for passengers landing, CD, CC) and No. 841 (caution: evacuator working).

The stricter rules have been introduced due to the increasing amount of passengers at the Riga airport with the intention to strengthen and improve public order and security at the departure zone. The new regulations reduce possibility for traffic jams, which can make the access to the airport terminal difficult for passengers.

The new order allows vehicles to access and unload passengers at the Riga airport departure zone parking lane. Parking the vehicles at the access ramp is prohibited; the vehicle can be evacuated in case of necessity. The order and observance of traffic rules at the Riga airport is supervised by the division of Riga District State Police.

Please, pay attention and observe traffic rules. We wish you a pleasant and comfortable stay at the Riga International Airport.