airBaltic to Offer Three Flights a Day to Liepaja on Workdays


airBaltic president and CEO Bertolt Flick: “Given our successful results from the Riga-Liepaja flight, we have increased the number of flights to offer this midday flight on workdays. We think that this will allow our passengers to be far more flexible in planning their visits, also saving some time by using Riga and Liepaja as intermediary stops before heading on to further destinations.”

airBaltic offers flights in the route Riga - Liepaja in the morning and evening on workdays, as well as on Saturday mornings and Sunday afternoons. The flight takes 40 minutes. Since airBaltic has introduced online chek-in, passengers have been able to arrive at the airport as little as 20 minutes in advance of the flight, thus saving the amount of time that is spent en route and at the airport.

The price for a one-way ticket from Riga to Liepaja starts at LVL 12.70, including airport and transaction fees. The price of a ticket from Liepaja to Riga starts at LVL 4.10, including airport and transaction fees.

Liepaja is a proud town with a wealth of cultural traditions, musical festivals and unique architecture. Kurzeme and the western sections of Lithuania offer travellers sandy beaches, wonderful places to watch wild animals and birds, and lots of opportunities for active recreation.