Riga International Airport – second largest in the Northern Europe


Currently Riga International Airport covers 37 000 square metres and its infrastructure capacity allows to handle 4 million passengers a year. After completing of the development project its capacity will grow to 10 – 12 million passengers annually. The vision of Riga International Airport is focussed on the long-term infrastructure development with the potential to handle up to 50 million passengers per year.

The 5th and 6th phase of development of Riga International Airport in essence means building of a new airport. This project is the embodiment of our ambition – to use our experience, creative solutions and potential to reach the level of the airports of the Nordic countries and Europe. “The project of Riga International Airport highlights the image of Latvia as a modern country respecting environment, radiating openness and creativity,” said Krišjānis Peters, Chairman of the Board of Riga International Airport.

”The project presents an integrated complex of airport structures providing a new architectural vision of form and style. It is characterised by simple, laconic lines, carefully considered functionality and interplay with the Latvian landscape and the characteristics of the environment,” said Andris Kronbergs, head of the architectural company Arhis.

The development project of Riga International Airport will be implemented in phases: the 5th phase envisages building of a 510 meters long aircraft terminal in the northern direction with 23 piers for various types of aircraft. At the 6th stage construction of a new terminal for checking in of departing passengers and handling of the baggage of the arriving passengers will be accomplished.

The earlier airport development phases included the following works:

  • Reconstruction and extension of the Arrivals area completed in 1999;
  • Building of a new aircraft pier and partial reconstruction of the terminal completed in 2001;
  • Reconstruction of the passenger check-in area – completed in 2002./2003;
  • Building of the Northern Terminal (non-Schengen) - accomplished in 2007.

The development project of Riga International Airport was worked out by the architectural company Arhis jointly with consultants – a firm of architects, airport designers and engineers Aviaplan of Norway.