"Riga" Airport maintained its leading position in the Baltics


In comparison with eleven months of the previous year, the amount of passengers that used Riga Airport in the same period of this year is 27.1% more. Within eleven months of this year, 2 917 399 passengers have used Riga Airport. Within eleven months of this year, Tallinn Airport has transferred 1 601 648 passengers, which is 11.8% more, but Vilnius Airport – 1 590 364 passengers, or 17,4% more than within the same period last year.

In November, Riga Airport was used by 252 843 passengers, which is 27.4% more than in November last year. The amount of passengers of Tallinn Airport in November increased by 15.8%, and amount of passengers of Vilnius Airport in the same month increased by 46.1%. In October already the amount of passengers who used Riga Airport exceeded the total amount of passengers from the previous year, which was 2 495 020 passengers.

Amount of passengers who used services of the airports in first eleven months of the year for Riga, Tallinn and Vilnius airports:

  • Riga: 2 917 399
  • Tallinn: 1 601 648
  • Vilnius: 1 590 364

The amount of passengers in the first eleven months which is 2 917 399 suggests that for the first time in its history, the Airport may meet its three millionth passenger. The three millionth passenger will presumably be serviced on 10 December. Earlier, Riga Airport was planning to transfer at least 3 100 000 passengers over this year. Considering the current statistics, it is anticipated that the plan will come true.

Likewise in the first ten months of the year, the majority of passengers in November flew from Riga to London. In eleven months 290 706 people flew to London, which was 10.8% of the total amount of passengers. The second most popular destination was the capital city of Ireland – Dublin. For eleven months this city was the chosen destination of 209 556 passengers, which is nearly 8% from the overall amount of passengers. Other popular destinations - Stockholm and Berlin were visited by 6.5% and 5.8% of the overall amount of passengers correspondingly, and the amount of passengers who flew to Copenhagen and Frankfurt exceeded 5% of the overall passenger amount.

The status of the most successful air carrier has been retained by the Latvian national air company airBaltic. In the first nine months of this year airBaltic transferred 1 313 418 passengers from Riga Airport, or 45% of the overall amount of Riga Airport passengers. 25.2% of the overall amount of passengers or 733 820 passengers used services of the second most successful company Ryanair. 153 thousand passengers had been transferred by the air carrier Latcharter, who is on the third place, followed by KLM with 101 and Easy Jet Airlines with 85 thousand of the transferred passengers in the first eleven months of the year.

In November, the airport opened its third International Currency Exchange (ICE) currency exchange point in its waiting room Arrivals 2. The other two ICE currency exchange points are located in the waiting rooms Arrivals 1 and Departures C. As opposed to banks, ICE does not charge any commissions. Opening hours – according to the flight timetable.

In November, Pilotu iela started functioning. It is situated in the Airport Business Park territory and ensures access to the SAS Flight Academy.