Number of passengers at Riga Airport more than tripled


During the period between January and August this year, Riga Airport handled 3.4 million passengers, which is three times more compared to the indicators of the last year, shows the operational data on the airport's performance in the first eight months of the year.

As the summer travel season continues, number of travellers handled by Riga Airport in August this year exceeded 573 thousand, which is 47 % more than a year ago (390 thousand passengers in August 2021). Average passenger flight occupancy exceeds 80 %, and leisure routes to the Mediterranean countries remain the most popular ones.

Majority of travellers – 310.8 thousand or 54.2 % – flew with the national airline airBaltic from the Riga Airport in August, followed by Ryanair with 164 thousand or 28.6 % of the total number of passengers.

The total number of flights operated last month was 5,113 representing 5 % over the indicator of the same period last year (4,878 in August 2021). 4,599 of all the flights operated were passenger flights. The number of flights operated in January–August has increased by 130 % compared to last year - from 13.6 thousand flights last year to 31.2 thousand flights this year.

In August, 156 air cargo flights were operated, handling a total of 1,550 tonnes of cargo per month. Whereas, during the period from January to August, the Riga Airport handled more than 14 thousand tonnes of air cargo. In comparison, the volume of cargoes handled during January–August last year, exceeded 16 thousand tonnes, but in 2019 – almost 17 thousand tonnes.

Riga Airport is a fast-growing air hub in Northern Europe, connecting the Baltic States to Europe's business hubs and popular leisure destinations. Being aware of its role and responsibility in the national economy of Latvia, Riga Airport develops sustainable services and infrastructure, caring for its employees and the environment, and keeping pace with society and the local community. By joining the Net Zero 2050 initiative, Riga Airport is committed to achieving climate neutrality by 2050.