Partner offers

The discount does not apply to tobacco products, special offers, or discounted products and services.
The list of partners and their offers may change during the validity of your RIX Club membership card.

RIX Club
ATU Duty Free

A gift for purchases over EUR 100

RIX Club

25% discount on STENDERS products

RIX Club

20% discount on jewelry, except watches

RIX Club

15% discount at the café

RIX Club

15% discount at cafés

RIX Club

15% discount at the restaurant

RIX Club

15% discount at cafés

RIX Club

10% discount at cafés

RIX Club
Baltic Taxi

10% discount for the trip

RIX Club
Red Cab taxi

10% discount from the base rate

Frequently asked questions
How do I get the RIX Club card?
How do I access the benefits of the card?
Who can benefit from the RIX Club card?
What is the price of the RIX Club card?
What should I do if I lose my card?
  • Please note!

    • Riga Airport is entitled to seize a card if there are reasonable grounds to suspect that the card is forged.
    • Riga Airport accepts no liability for any deficiencies or safety pertaining to the benefits offered by the partners, nor for any of their actions or omissions. All claims and objections related to the foregoing are to be raised against the partner in question.
    • Your personal data will be processed in accordance with the requirements for personal data protection. Full conditions for data processing are available on the website of the Riga Airport under the section Privacy Policy.
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