Principles of Ethics for partners

In negotiating deals, organising public procurements and concluding contracts, we adhere to specific principles and values. They are expressed in Riga Airport’s regulatory documents and are binding on each of our employees.

The values and principles we adhere to
Equal, fair and non-discriminatory treatment of all suppliers
Prohibition of fraud and corruption
Prohibition of conflict of interest
Labour protection

Code of Business Ethics

We encourage our contractual partners to follow equivalent principles of cooperation and base the mutual cooperation on fair and lawful business terms.

To ensure a common understanding of a responsible and ethical business environment, we developed a Code of Business Ethics. It defines common principles and standards for cooperation between the Airport and its partners, which:

  • promote fair commercial practices;
  • encourage respect for human rights, labour rights and principles of business ethics at the Airport and throughout the partner supply chain;
  • promote good governance and socially responsible business practices.
Code of Business Ethics