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An emerging hub of Northern Europe that promotes the competitiveness of Latvia in the region.
Riga Airport is an international traffic hub that facilitates Latvia’s economic growth by providing seamless and safe connectivity to passengers and entrepreneurs and creating opportunities for employment and business development.
Overall strategic goal
To provide the regional traffic center with appropriate modern air transportation infrastructure and services, offering convenient and safe connectivity for passengers and businesses, as well as promoting sustainable development and competitiveness.

MK Order No. 283, 28.04.2021.

To reach our strategical goals until 2027 we will implement ambitious development projects.

Future RIX Airport City
The Baltic Gateway to Northern Europe!
With hotels, office centres, logistics and cargo warehouses will provide development options for various types of business and will create new jobs.
New passenger terminal
+30 000 m2 for a check-in hall, security control, baggage handling, border control, car parks, and commercial areas. A connection with "Rail Baltica" airport station creating a high-speed railway connection with the city centre and neighbouring countries.
RIX Cargo City
The new "airBaltic" cargo terminal next to DHL regional centre and cargo apron; further development of cargo handling zone.
Sustainability and environment
Energy efficiency and effective use and management of resources, solar panels, and other alternative solutions for obtaining energy, as well as transition to environment-friendly transport on the aerodrome are steps taken by us to make our activity more sustainable and environment-friendly.
Strategic goals
What will we do?
What do we want to achieve?
How much will we invest?