Safety requirements

The European Union has adopted certain security requirements and restrictions on what travellers are free to carry in their baggage. We urge you to read them carefully HERE. If you are not sure whether a certain item can be carried in your baggage, feel free to call the Airport Information Centre at 1817.

Size and weight

Every airline has its own terms and conditions for transporting baggage. These rules determine the number and weight of cabin and checked baggage a passenger is allowed to take with them on their flight. Please read your airline's terms and conditions carefully. A list of contact details of the airlines operating at Riga Airport is available HERE.

Lost & Found

If your baggage has not arrived on the same flight with you or got damaged, please contact the Airport's Lost & Found offices. They are located in the baggage reclaim areas E and C right before customs control.

Baggage storage

The baggage storage is located in Arrivals Hall E, on the 1st floor.