Taxis licensed to operate at Riga Airport guarantee high quality service and a transparent pricing policy. They can be hired only on the carriageway which is located immediately at the exit from the arrivals hall.  Other taxi carriers also provide services in the Airport area; it is also possible to hire a taxi using one of the mobile apps.

A ride to the Airport from the city centre (and in the opposite direction) takes an average of 20 minutes. The duration of the ride will depend on the traffic intensity.

Ride Fare

You can pay for a taxi ride after the ride according to the tariff set by the carrier. The cost of a taxi from the Airport to the city center or another location will depend on the boarding fee, distance fee and travel time fee. Carriers’ tariffs are available HERE.


Information on taxi associations that have been issued licenses to work at Riga Airport and their fares can be found HERE. The fare for a ride to the city centre is the same for all taxis of the respective brand. Fares of other taxis may be different and there is no maximum limit. We recommend that you clarify the price of the ride before hiring!


Taxi drivers are obliged to provide you with clear and precise information on the following:

  • tariffs that will be applied in the calculation of the fare;
  • additional fees for additional services provided.

Make sure!

The fare for a ride from the Airport must be indicated in the pricelist. It should be located in the taxi cabin on the front panel on the passenger’s side.


Ask for a fare for taxis of different carriers and choose the one you like best.

Prepaid vouchers

Laws and regulations provide for an option for taxi service providers to offer prepaid vouchers to customers at a fixed price. For prices, terms and conditions and purchase possibilities of prepaid vouchers, please contact the taxi service providers licensed to work at Riga Airport HERE!

Frequently Asked Questions
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