Arrive at the Airport on time!

We are convinced that every passenger can also help to make the pre-flight processes run more smoothly and make us all – travellers and Airport staff – understand each other better, including by planning enough time for check-in, baggage drops and security procedures. Riga Airport calls on the travellers to arrive at the Airport two hours before their scheduled departure. This is the optimal time to get everything done. Arriving earlier can add to the bustle, while arriving later contains risks related to not getting on time, missing the flight, and causing unnecessary stress. Once you pass through security and get to the passenger area, you can enjoy the Riga Airport extensive shopping and entertainment offer from duty-free shops, restaurants, and cafés to a variety of entertainment options!

Pre-departure check

Travel documents 

For information on the necessary travel documents and other requirements, contact the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, as well as online systems, such as IATA Travel Centre and ICT TravelDoc. Please note that this is given for information only!

If you are travelling with children under 18, make sure they have all the necessary documents, too! See more information about travelling with children here!

Travel restrictions

Preparation for the trip starts at home, including checking whether or not there are any restrictions due to the Covid pandemics at the destination. The easiest way to find this out is to check internet resources of the country in question, contact your airline or search for information on the website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

If a Covid-19 test required before the flight, arrive at the Airport even earlier – at least three hours before your flight.

Baggage provisions

Check and observe airline's limits on the number and weight of baggage items! Basic information on prohibited and permitted items is available on the Airport's website, but if you are not sure, you can contact the airline for more information. Carry only the essentials in your hand luggage and, if possible, only one piece of luggage per traveller.

Check-in and baggage drop

Save both your time and the time of Airport staff! Most airlines offer self check-in electronically already a day before. This means you will not have to queue at check-in on the day of your trip and you can go straight through security when you arrive at the Airport – one queue less! Of course, you can check-in at the self-service machines in the departures hall, but if you need to drop checked-in baggage, and your airline offers this service, choose a self-service machine for baggage drop! If you are a smoker, remember to always carry electronic cigarettes (Salt, IQOS, etc.) in your hand luggage, as these devices are not allowed in checked-in luggage! The most common mistake when preparing your baggage is not knowing what items are prohibited in checked-in baggage. Our reminder – electronic smoking devices, lighters, external rechargeable batteries and other flammable objects or substances are not allowed. For more details, visit the "Prohibited Items" section of your airline's website.

On your way to the Airport

If you want to park your car in the Airport's long-term car park for the duration of your trip, book a space in the Riga Airport e-shop. Due to the construction works of Rail Baltica in the Airport territory, the number of available parking spaces is currently lower than before, the number of passengers is growing, and our passengers' habits have changed during the pandemic – more and more passengers arrive for their flight by their own vehicles. That is why the parking load is quite high. Furthermore, booking early will help you save not only time and nerves, but also money.

Arrive at the Airport on time and well prepared!

If the nature of your journey allows it, choose clothing that is as comfortable as possible and footwear that can be easily removed if you have to take them off during security check. Avoid any unnecessary items of clothing. The same applies to jewellery – put on only the essentials and pack the rest in your handbag.

If you have not checked-in in advance, you can check in at the self-service check-in machines in the check-in hall or at the check-in desks. Expect queues, and there are airlines that charge extra for checking-in at the Airport. Make sure you have all the documents you need for your trip – ID, flight documents and, if necessary, proof of health tests or vaccinations – in one place, clearly visible and at hand. This also helps to speed up the time needed for control procedures.

Get ready for security check! Is a strap or belt with metal buckle removed? Take your watch off – even a plastic-framed smartwatch has to be removed! Are the pockets of your trousers, shorts completely empty? It is quicker if you put everything in the jacket you will take off or put into your bag in time – frequently, these are the small things that may can cause snags at the security check. Remember that you will need to remove your laptop, tablet, and external charging battery from your bag. If the equipment you are carrying can generate up to 100 WH of electricity, feel free to take it with you on your flight; if more, check whether your airline makes exceptions and will allow you to carry more powerful equipment. Other electronics must be removed when requested to do so by a security officer. Remove the liquids separately and pack them in advance in a 1 litre resealable bag, remembering to keep the volume per unit to 100 ml and the total to 1 litre. The water bottle must be emptied before the security check – you can refill it later at the terminal. Do not waste your time taking off your ring or small earrings but have the above electronics and the bag of liquids ready for separate inspection before you approach the security checkpoint. If you do not have a bag for liquids with you, take it to the designated preparation area before the security control area. Take into consideration that classic shoes or high heels will, most likely, have to be removed. To avoid being disturbed, wear trainers or beach slippers, or take off your shoes and put them in the basket before going through the metal detector.

Kindness helps, cooperate!

The security check is, as the name suggests, for our own security, and this is not the place to complain or question its necessity. Our staff do their best to ensure that every traveller can safely board their flight. Follow the advice of aviation security inspectors – if you have to throw away your water bottle or leave your second and third lighters in the Airport waste bin, discussions, debates or complaints will not help.