City development


City development that prioritises sustainable planning, architecture and engineering

  • Principles of sustainable and architectural planning will be applied following the requirements of BREEAM and LEED certification standards.
  • Geothermal and solar energy production systems will be prioritised to avoid using fossil energy sources.
  • A responsible and circular approach to using resources, such as rainwater collection and reuse, will be adopted.
  • Priority will be given to construction technologies using sustainable and renewable building materials, for example, solid wood structures.
  • Choice of green architectural techniques that promote the presence of natural ecosystem elements and climate-regulating and stabilising systems, such as creating natural green zones, natural waterfront and wetlands, and green roofs for buildings.

Fully fledged multifunctional city

The Plaza

The central part of RIX Airport City. A commercial space that consists of shopping and office spaces, transportation facilities comprising the airport, railway and local transportation structures, hotels, and public and recreational areas.

RIX Airport City


Park area with a lake

Surrounding the lake, a green park with local flora will serve recreational, rest and multi-functional facilities for dining, cultural and commercial purposes.

RIX Airport City


Perimeter territory

Commercial and light manufacturing functions, such as offices, research and development, education, factories and logistics company facilities will be placed in the perimeter territory of RIX Airport City.

RIX Airport City