The European Commission has approved a list of articles prohibited on passenger aircrafts, which is effective throughout the European Union. The full list is available HERE. It comprises articles and substances which are either strictly forbidden to be carried on board civil aviation aircraft or are permitted under special conditions only.

The passengers also are prohibited to carry dangerous substances and goods in their baggage. The term “dangerous goods” applies to hazardous articles and substances that may pose a threat to a person’s health, safety, property or environment and that are classified according to technical instructions. Carriage of dangerous articles by air is regulated by Annex 18 of the Convention on International Civil Aviation  of 7 December 1944, and Document  9284 of the International Civil Aviation Organization “Technical Instructions for the Safe Carriage of Dangerous Goods by Air” (Doc 9284, hereinafter referred to as the Technical Instructions).

In addition, each airline is free to determine specific rules for carrying baggage. These refer to the number and weight of both cabin baggage and checked baggage, as well as security rules. Please review your airline's terms and conditions carefully prior to travelling by referring to its website or by calling the airline's phone number. List of airlines operating at Riga Airport you can find HERE.

If you are not sure whether article can be carried, please call the Airport Information Service 1817!


The aviation security inspectors are entitled to add other, seemingly harmless items or substances to the category of prohibited articles and substances and prevent their delivery to the airport territory and aircraft.

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For detailed information on prohibited articles and substances, check your airline's website.

If you have any questions regarding aviation security requirements, please contact Riga Airport Information Centre at 1817 (paid call). For international calls, please call +371 29311817.