70th anniversary commemoration event of a film director Ansis Epners is introduced by a movie “I am Latvian”.


In Riga from October 26 to October 28 commemorating the 70th birthday of the outstanding Latvian film director Ansis Epners, "Anša kino maratons" will take place. On October 22 the movie “I am Latvian" will introduce the movie marathon and you will have a chance to see the movie in Latvian with subtitles in English in “Riga International Airport” on six wide-screen monitors all day long until November 4.

The participants of press conference dedicated to the 70th anniversary of Ansis Epners:

Ābrams Kleckins, Movie scientist
Kalvis Zalcmanis, The operator of the movie “I am Latvian”
Guntis Bērziņš, The character of the movie „I am Latvian” and the member of the parliament of the 8 Saeima
Aldons Vrubļevskis, President of the Latvian Olympic Committee
Pēteris Krilovs, Lecturer of the Department of Theatre and Audiovisual Arts in Latvian Academy of Culture
Mārtiņš Langrāts, Director of Communication Department in SJSC “Riga International Airport”
Kristaps Epners, Artist

The studio of Ansis Epners “AVE” in his 70-aniversary would like to reveal to you his individuality and the way he understands the world, giving the audience a chance to take part in the movie marathon of Ansis and his students. “Riga International Aiport” by showing the movie “I am Latvian” states that it is not only an object of infrastructure, but also an environment for the culture.