The airline Wizz Air is commencing flights from Riga International Airport to Eindhoven Airport in the Netherlands.


To celebrate this event, the passengers of the first flight were treated to a special cake in the form of a light bulb, because in Eindhoven brothers Gerard and Anton Philips in 1891 established a small electric bulb factory that over the time grew into one of the world’s biggest manufacturers of electric appliances – Philips. This company has greatly contributed to the development of other businesses and growth of Eindhoven as a major hi-tech and industrial centre. For this reason Eindhoven is often called „the City of Light”.

The airline will perform flights to the new destination twice a week – on Mondays and Fridays.

- Aldis Murnieks, Riga International Airport (left side) and John Stephenson, Wizz Air

- special cake for passengers of the first flight