Airport: the new security charge collection procedure introduced without a hitch


The new security charge collection procedure from RYANAIR passengers has been introduced without any problems, said Aldis Mūrnieks, member of the board of Riga International Airport. He reminded that starting from 1 January 2012 all the passengers travelling with RYANAIR before departure must pay the charge of 4.92 lats (7 euros) for the security measures implemented at the airport. Other airlines have included the security charge into their air fare.

„To date we have already served almost one thousand RYANAIR passengers who fall into the new security charge payers’ category. The passengers accept the change with understanding – travellers from abroad pay the charge already on arrival in Riga to avoid additional inconvenience on their travel back home whereas those who travel from Latvia enquire about the new procedure by calling the airport’s information service. In the first two weeks we have not noticed any incidents related to the new procedure,” said Aldis Mūrnieks.

Riga Airport administration reminds that those RYANAIR passengers who have bought tickets before 1 January 2012 need not pay the security charge. In such a case, when undergoing the security check, the passenger must show the date when the ticket was bought by presenting the printout of the ticket confirmation e-mail received from RYANAIR.

„We keep thinking about the passengers’ comfort and working on other options of paying the security charge. Already in February we plan to arrange for payment of the charge on the airport’s website and by using the mobile telephone service „Mobilly”, whereas at the beginning of April self-service kiosks will be established at the airport”, the board member Aldis Mūrnieks explained.

To avoid unpleasant situations the airport administration requests the passengers to obtain the security coupons only in the authorised outlets.

It was already announced that on 1 January 2012 a new procedure was introduced for collection of a charge for the security measures implemented at the airport. All the airlines operating at the airport, except RYANAIR, have agreed to include the security charge into their air fare. Those RYANAIR passengers who have bought tickets after 1 January 2012, before their departure must pay the security charge of 7 euros or 4.92 lats. Cash payments are accepted only in lats. Transit and transfer passengers and infants under two years of age are released from payment of the security charge.

The security charge covers the passenger security check, screening of the carry-on and hold baggage, the airport security and crisis management (including rescue) operations as well as the flight safety and civil aviation security supervision measures ensured by the state agency „Civilās aviācijas aģentūra".

Up to now the security charge has been financed from the state budget, i.e., by all the taxpayers of Latvia, including those who never travel by air. The government resolved as of this year not to finance the security function at the airport, consequently a new procedure was developed stipulating that the charge must be collected only from the departing air passengers.