Attention! Information for passengers!


Riga International Airport reminds the passengers that since 1 March 2015 new requirements of the passengers' carry-on baggage control have been enforced in conformity with EU Commission Regulation and Commission Decision. These documents also provide for stricter security measures with regard to examination of the passengers themselves starting from 1 September 2015.

The passengers should be aware that they may need a little longer time to undergo the security inspection at the European airports. At the request of the airport security staff some of the passengers and their carry-on baggage will be examined more closely.

Although the passenger may spend slightly more time at the security control, the difference is not significant and passengers need not worry about it.
These additional measures are introduced to improve the flight safety. In order to settle the necessary formalities before departure, we kindly request the passengers to arrive at the airport two hours prior to their scheduled flight.

It should also be  mentioned that the information on the security check methods is restricted and must be protected in conformity with the international and domestic laws and regulations.

Information regarding the documents: Commission Regulation (EU) No 185/2010 and Commission Decision 2010 (C) 774.