Due to Rail Baltica Construction Works, Minor Traffic Changes are Expected on the Way to Riga Airport



This week, on 17 and 18 March, drivers should expect minor traffic changes on the P133 motorway at the regulated intersection with Ziemeļu Street [Ziemeļu iela] in the direction to and from Riga Airport as construction works on the Rail Baltica railway station and related infrastructure project continue.


There will be temporary lane narrowing and speed restrictions on the P133 around the construction site, but the airport will remain easily accessible to visitors. Once the works are completed, the P133 will be resurfaced and prior traffic management will resume.

From 21 to 25 March, a part of the footpath on Muzeju Street [Muzeju iela] will be closed and traffic will be diverted to a specially created pedestrian corridor along the Muzeju Street [Muzeju iela] carriageway. Network construction works affecting traffic flows will continue in early April, when similar minor traffic changes are expected again on the P133 from and to the airport.

New airport access road and external communications make the site significantly larger, so the construction contractor B.S.L. Infra urges drivers and pedestrians to be understanding during these temporary changes. In order to avoid disruption to airport operations and access, all construction works are planned to be carried out in phases. According to the project, in the second half of this year it is planned to gradually redirect traffic flows along the new access roads, closing the existing road P133 from the controlled intersection with Ziemeļu Street to Riga Airport.

About B.S.L. Infra

General partnership B.S.L. Infra is the general contractor of the Rail Baltica project for the construction of a railway station and related infrastructure at Riga Airport. The joint venture consists of the Austrian company Swietelsky AG and Latvian construction companies – the road construction company SIA Binders and one of the largest construction companies in Latvia specialising in the construction of multifunctional facilities – JSC LNK Industries. The Rail Baltica project at Riga Airport will be the first high-speed rail and air hub in the Baltics. Construction work by the general partnership B.S.L. Infra is to be carried out in five successive phases by December 2025.

About the project

The first phase of work – the construction of the Rail Baltica railway station terminal, access roads and related infrastructure – will be completed by March/April 2023.

The construction is based on a project by PROSIV (Sintagma (Italy), Prodex (Slovakia) and Vektors T (Latvia)), the winner of an open international tender. Construction supervision shall be carried out by a joint venture consisting of SIA Forma 2 (Latvia) and Prointec S.A.U. (Spain).

81-85% of the project's funding is provided by the EU's Connecting Europe Facility, with the remainder coming from the Latvian State budget. The beneficiary of the EU support and the project promoter is the Ministry of Transport of the Republic of Latvia.

Information on Rail Baltica projects can be found on the EDZL website: https://edzl.lv/aktualitates/informacija-medijiem

Further enquiries: [email protected]