Event Devoted to Children Protection Day at Riga International Airport


Today, on 1 June, marking the International Children Protection Day, a special event programme is available to the children of employees of Riga International Airport. The children will have the opportunity to become acquainted with their parents’ workplace and to go on an excursion around the terminal and the airport territory, to visit the Aviation Museum and to participate in various creative workshops.

All day, at the airport’s Study Centre, seven creative workshops will be operating with thematic names such as “Pass Office”, “Security Check”, “Marshalling”, “Cinema” etc.
Additionally, throughout the day, excursions will be organised for the employees’ children around the terminal and the airport territory, during which the airport’s Fire Safety Team will be showing demonstrations.

“The airport is a special place that the children find exciting and interesting. Today, by paying particular attention to children, we have found a way for our employees’ children to visit and become acquainted with their parents’ work environment and the working rhythm of the airport. Possibly, after this visit at the airport, some of the kids will choose to enter the same profession as their parents. We can already be proud of employees coming from within the same family,” stressed Arnis Luhse, Chairman of Board at Riga International Airport.

The designers of the event are the employees of the airport’s Study Centre in cooperation with the Communications Unit and other departments of the airport.

It should be noted that Riga International Airport organises special events not only for the employees’ children but also for pupils from various places in Latvia during the Shadowing Day in February and the Open Door Day in the fall. Moreover, excursions for interested persons of all age groups are available at the airport for a symbolic fee throughout the year.