ga Airport profit year 2007 has tripled


According to non-audited data of SJSC “Riga International Airport”, airport profit year 2007 will exceed LVL 2.8 million, which is three times more that year 2006 income (LVL 961 thousand). Compared to 2005, the profit has increased more than 13 times. Riga Airport achieved LVL 20 791 thousand in turnover last year, which is 197.2% more than 2006.

„The performance of year 2007 demonstrates the correctness of the policy of Riga Airport: it develops, it grows, it fulfils its role. We are on the right way! The growth will significantly contribute to the development of national economic sector! We are going to put the profit into the development of the airport, hence the inhabitants will be able to enjoy more and better services of the airport,” underlines the Chairman of the Board of SJSC „Riga International Airport” Krišjānis Peters.

The profit obtained from the economic activities of Riga Airport last year has increased faster than the number of passengers. Compared to 2006, the number of passengers is up by 26.7%, whereas the income obtained from the economic activities for the same period is up by 27.9%. There is also growth in income per passenger, if compared to year 2006.

Indicator 2005 2006 2006/2005 2007 2006/2007
Business outcomes          
Handled aircrafts 34 552 40 162 16% 47 347 17,9%
Handled passengers 1 878 035 2 495 020 33% 3 160 945 26,7%
Financial results (LVL thousand)          
Turnover 13 420 16 257 21% 20 791 27,9%
Profit 202 961 375,7% 2 856 197,2%

The goal of Riga Airport for 2008 is to increase the turnover by 20%, attaining LVL 25 million this year, and at least 20% increase for non-aviation businesses, maintaining its proportion in total airport revenue. The planned profit of the airport for 2008 is LVL 3 million.

Last year, the Airport serviced 3 160 954 passengers and had the most rapid increase in passenger turnover in the Baltic States.

Riga International Airport is the biggest and most advanced international service hub for aviation passangers in the Baltic States.