Government sets regulation for self-isolation, returning from non-essential trips from third countries



In order to prevent the spread of the Covid-19 virus and to avoid the risk of infecting other persons living in a household, the Government of Latvia at the meeting on March 12 was approved the procedure by which a person, returning from a non-essential trip from third countries, takes a fast Covid-19 test immediately after arrival and 10-day self-isolation in his or her place of residence or tourist accommodation.  


Returning to Latvia, a person has a duty to take a Covid-19 test at the nearest available test point. If this is not possible, the person shall immediately go in self-isolation to the tourist accommodation from the Latvian Investment and Development Agency (LIAA) list and remain there until the test is carried out. If the test result is negative, the person may go in self-isolation to his or her place of residence. If the test is positive or if a person does not take the test at all, the person shall note the information on the website and shall immediately go in self-isolation (or continuing isolation) at the freely selected Latvian tourist accommodation from the list of tourist accommodation administered by the LIAA, and shall inform the tourist accommodation regarding the non-essential enterer from third countries without test status or positive test status.

If a person has carried out a test and the test is positive, the tourism service provider shall be obliged to ensure that the person is transported to the tourist accommodation for isolation. Similarly, the tourism service provider has a duty to inform the State Police of all persons who have travelled to third countries through airports in Riga or other countries, and to enter the data of all travellers on the

The tourist accommodation has a duty to inform the State Police regarding of the persons long-term non-presence at the tourist accommodation during the isolation period.

If a person can prove by documentary evidence that he or she has been ill with Covid-19, has recovered and is not infectious, the doctor may take a decision determining that the person may disregard the self-isolation and to issue or electronically send to the person form No 027/u with the following entry: “I certify that (the name of the person) from teh date of 2021 (date) not eligible to self-isollation rules.”

The government decided that these conditions apply to persons returning to the Republic of Latvia from non-essential travel to third countries within four weeks from the coming into force of these Regulations.