An International Seminar on Aviation Security Takes Place at Riga Airport


For the first time Riga Airport’s training center has hosted an international seminar on aviation security issues from 13 to 16 June, 2011. It was attended by executives from aviation industry companies and institutions as well as security personnel from 11 countries. The seminar is organized by Riga International Airport in cooperation with London-based aviation security training and consultancy company Green Light Limited.

The four-day seminar program includes knowledge and practice of the following aviation security areas: passenger profiling (risk assessment systems and their application, advantages and disadvantages), biology of fear (understanding how the human body responds to stress and how to decipher the visual clues), data privacy (available data and their types, how the data can be used within the constraints of national and international legislation), human trafficking, for example, being able to identify not only terrorists, but also criminals, psychologically disturbed individuals and persons being trafficked for slavery or sexual exploitation, etc.

There are 21 delegates participating in the seminar representing Lithuania, the Netherlands, Sweden, Brazil, Canada, USA, Quatar, Russia, Latvia, Australia and United Kingdom.

Green Light Limited is a London-based aviation security training and consultancy company, involved in airport, airline and governmental security issues around the globe since 1996. The company provides consultancy services to the International Air Transport Association (IATA) and many governments, including Australia and the United States. Green Light Limited runs hijack exercises for airlines and provides training to many of the world leading carriers.

The seminars lead facilitator was Philip Baum, Green Lights managing Director, who is also the Editor of the industry journal “Aviation Security International”. Other presenters were Mattehew Finn of Augmentiq in Switzerland, and Sagit Yehoshua, a criminologist from Israel.

In addition, the seminar attendees will have the opportunity to gain cultural experience after training sessions – to visit Riga aviation museum, Jūrmala city and enjoy Riga city tour.