Lux Express to launch a new commercial regional bus route from Riga centre to RIX Riga Airport on June 12


Ticket sales for the new route are starting today: 

Lux Express will start commercial transportation of passengers on the regional route Riga Centre – RIX Riga Airport on June 12, with ticket sales for the new route starting today, the company informed.

"It is important for us that airport visitors have access to convenient and fast transportation. We have moved the bus stop closer to the airport, arranged the issue of taxi vouchers, and now are launching Lux Express shuttle bus services. Thanks to the company for cooperation!" says Minister of Transport Kaspars Briškens.

"We are happy that from June 12 we will be able to start providing a new service that will complement the existing transport connections and significantly improve the traffic between Riga Airport and the city centre. Our goal is to provide passengers with comfortable buses and shorten the time spent on the road," says Aldis Ķibēns, Baltic Business Development Director of Lux Express.

The route Riga Centre–RIX Riga Airport will be served by Iveco Daily Fergui minibuses seating up to 24 passengers. They are equipped with spacious seats where hand luggage can also be placed, as well as a separate compartment for larger luggage. In addition, all buses will have wi-fi, climate control, seat belts for passengers and info displays where stops will be announced in Latvian and English.

Every day, 18 departures will be provided in the direction from Riga centre to RIX Riga Airport with the following stops: Riga International Bus Station, Railway Station Square, Esplanade, National Theatre, Ķīpsala, State Archives, Ventas Street, and Riga Airport. In the opposite direction, there will be 21 departures with stops at Riga Airport, Kauguru Street, State Archives, Ķipsala, Z. A. Meierovica Boulevard, Esplanade, Central Railway Station, and Riga International Bus Station. Departure times are planned to ensure passenger demand throughout the day, especially during peak hours.

"The summer travel season is here, and the number of passengers at Riga Airport is increasing. Therefore, we are happy that with the opening of the Lux Express route airport visitors will have a new opportunity for convenient and faster trips from the airport to the centre of Riga and from the centre to the airport. We are sure that fewer stops on the route and the coordination of the schedule with the passenger flow will improve the overall experience of passengers and airport guests," emphasizes Laila Odiņa, chairwoman of the board of RIX Riga Airport.

Tickets are available at–shuttle/, at "E" departure hall of the Riga Airport Visitor Centre, as well as at the bus drivers and the Lux Express booking office at the Riga International Bus Station. Tickets will cost 8 euros for adults and 6 euros for children and youngsters up to the age of 16 (inclusive). Along with traditional payment methods, it will be possible to buy tickets on the website using GooglePay and ApplePay payment methods. The ride from Riga centre to Riga Airport is expected to last 35 minutes.

A. Ķibēns adds that in cases where the flight is cancelled or the departure time postponed and a person has purchased tickets for the route Riga centre – RIX Riga Airport, it is possible to exchange or return the tickets. On the other hand, if it is not possible to exchange or return the ticket and the flight is delayed, the purchased ticket is valid for the whole day until the flight is available.

As reported earlier, on April 16 Lux Express applied to the Road Transport Directorate (ATD) for the route Riga centre–Riga Airport to be included in the list of regional commercial routes and for a permit to be issued to Lux Express Latvia for this route.

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