The Ministry of Welfare certifies Riga International Airport as a family-friendly company


On 8 September 2011 the Ministry of Welfare in a solemn ceremony granted the certificates of the family-friendly company status to twelve companies including Riga International Airport.

The twelve companies awarded the certificates were identified and selected in relation with the Sustainability Index by drafting the questionnaires and incorporating appropriate criteria regarding implementation of family-friendly policies in the company. The Ministry of Welfare assigned the status of a family-friendly company to the enterprises pursuing family-friendly policies both in their business activities and in a wider community context, e.g., by providing services and appropriate facilities.

Main qualification criteria for the status:

  • Compliance of the premises and accommodation with children’s needs, including the children with special needs and families with toddlers;
  • Health care for the staff in the workplace;
  • Focus on client-oriented services;
  • Rendering support to the activities devoted to children and families;
  • Participation in charity initiatives;
  • The company’s focus on effective coordination of work and family life, e.g. encouraging work from home, flexible or reduced working hours etc.