Passengers are requested to arrive early at the airport


From tomorrow, 11 September 2012, installation of two new machines for screening of hold baggage will begin in Riga International Airport. Therefore, until the end of November passengers will have to reserve more time for checking in their hold baggage. In order to complete the necessary formalities in time, we request the passengers to arrive at the airport two hours at the latest before their flight.

The installation of the machines for screening of hold baggage is a mandatory requirement of the European Commission. In accordance with EC Regulation 185/2010, outdated baggage screening devices must be replaced.

Works are done in cooperation with the company Logan Teleflex Ltd. The project provides for the new machines to be integrated into the existing baggage conveyor.
Please note that this February the board of Riga International Airport approved the results of a restricted tender procedure for purchase of two new EDS machines and awarded the contract to an association formed by SIA Saint Tech and Gate Technologies Ltd for a total amount of 1 230 900.00 EUR (before VAT). This amount is part a State subsidy and part assets of the airport, including the security charges collected from the passengers.

Riga International Airport is the largest air traffic hub in the Baltic states and has welcomed 3 252 749 passengers in the first eight months of this year.