Passengers Requested to Check the Validity of Their Travel Documents and Get Acquainted with the Restrictions for Air Travellers


During the summer season, when people travel more intensively, Riga International Airport would like to remind passengers to make sure that they have taken along all the necessary travel documents and that the documents are valid. Passengers should also study carefully the rules of the specific air carrier and the list of prohibited articles and items subject to special restrictions.
Before leaving, make sure that the travel documents and entry visas, if such are required in the country of destination, are valid. It is also recommended to find out what validity term of the passport is required and whether an identity card is accepted as a travel document by the state you are going to. 

In order not to delay your travel plans, avoid any misunderstandings at the security check and not to give away any valuable items, Riga Airport invites passengers to study carefully the restrictions and prohibitions for the items included in the list of prohibited articles and substances (it refers to both carry-on and hold baggage). We would like to remind passengers that the list of prohibited items also includes such everyday items as blue flame and Zippo lighters, lighter fuel, self-defence sprays, etc., as well as inventory often used during the summer season - camping stoves, full oxygen cylinders for diving and compressed air tanks.
Upon carrying drinks, volume restrictions for carry-on baggage, as well as the permitted quantity of excisable goods that may be brought in each country should be observed. In turn, food items may be carried in both carry-on and hold baggage, unless any special restrictions are set in the specific country due to an emergency. 

According to the European Commission's list of prohibited articles that may not be taken aboard aircraft and the National Aviation Security Programme, aviation security inspectors have the right to request evidence for the authenticity of medications and food.
It should also be reminded that each air carrier has its own rules for the check-in procedure, the required travel documents, baggage size and weight, and other aspects of travel. 

Information on the procedure for crossing the border of the Republic of Latvia is available on the website of the State Border Guard Useful travel information is also available on the websites of air carriers or by calling the carriers' information lines, as well as in the websites of the embassies of the countries of travel destination. In turn, more information on aviation security requirements is available on the website of the Airport at section Passengers.

Riga International Airport is the largest air traffic hub in the Baltic countries, serving 45% of the air passengers in the Baltic States. 69 destinations in the winter season and 79 in the summer season are offered by 20 airlines operating at Riga Airport: airBaltic, Aeroflot, Aegean Airlines, Belavia, Ellinair, Finnair, FlyEgypt, LOT, Lufthansa, Norwegian, Onur Air, Ryanair, SAS, SmartLynx Airlines, Turkish Airlines, Ukraine International Airlines, Utair, Uzbekistan Airways, Vueling, Wizz Air.