Provisionally, the Turnover of Riga Airport Increased by 82 % Last Year


The net turnover of Riga Airport in 2022 was 57.9 million euros, which is 11 % more than was planned in the annual budget; it exceeds the turnover of 2021 by more than 82 percent. Airport’s unaudited condensed interim statement for 2022 shows that the company worked with a profit of 307.7 thousand euros.

Last year, the net turnover of Riga Airport grew both in the field of aviation and non-aviation services. Income from aviation services reached 36 million euros (+5 % compared to the budget), while income from non-aviation services accounted for 21.9 million euros, which is a fifth or 21 % more than planned.

The costs of economic activity of the company in 2022 amounted to 62.5 million euros, which is 3.2 million euros more than was planned in the budget. The biggest impact on the costs of the company's economic activity and the overall result of the year was caused by the significant increase in the prices of energy resources in the last quarter of the year.

However, the increased turnover in both aviation and non-aviation services, as well as the changes in the structure of passengers due to the increase in the number of direct passengers, allowed Riga Airport to provisionally close the year 2022 with a profit of 307.7 thousand euros, which is 3.8 million euros more than the losses planned in the budget in the amount of 3.5 million euros, despite the significant increase in the price of resources, inflation, and other aspects.

Last year, 14.7 million euros were invested in the infrastructure development projects of Riga Airport.

In 2022, 5.4 million passengers and 54.8 thousand flights were handled at Riga Airport. Compared to the average indicators of European airports, the recovery after the Covid-19 pandemic at Riga Airport, where historically there has been a high number of transit passengers, has proceeded more slowly; moreover, the situation continues to be negatively affected by the war in Ukraine and the related closure of the airspace.