Riga Airport to Hold Several Career Events


RIX Riga Airport will hold an in-person open day on 5 April, during which those interested will have an opportunity to familiarize themselves with work and career opportunities at the Airport, the specifics of various positions at the Airport and engage in practical tasks. Moreover, groups of educational institutions are specially invited to participate in the online open day event on 10 April in cooperation with "Prakse.lv"; it will be possible to get not only general information about the Airport vacancies but also information about summer jobs.

"Constant learning and skill development is relevant at any age — whether you are just entering the labour market or looking for new career directions. Since the specific knowledge required for many positions at the Airport can only be acquired in a work environment, Riga Airport pays great attention to the regular professional training of its employees. During the in-person open days, all interested parties will have an opportunity to take a look behind the scenes of our daily work and try out their skills in practical tasks," says Inga Rame, Director Human Resources Department of RIX Riga Airport. It is an opportunity to get involved in practical tasks and try out what it means to work, for example, as an aviation security specialist or an aircraft maintenance agent, which has always attracted the greatest interest among career event visitors. 

The level of unemployment in the Latvian labour market is currently low, and active job seekers often lack specific skills and competencies required for vacancies offered by employers. In such a situation, the beneficiaries are those employers who themselves purposefully develop the skills and general competencies of their employees. Investing in both general training and keeping up with changes in the labour market prompted by technological development, developing employees' digital skills is beneficial in the long term for both the employer and the employee, says Inga Rame.

On 4 April, Riga Airport will also participate in the traditional Day of Shadows, when more than 30 school students from all over Latvia will have an opportunity to observe the everyday life of employees of the Airport in person; on 11 April, it will be possible to find out about career opportunities at the largest airport in the Baltics at the State Employment Agency job fair in Jūrmala, and on 24 May at the job opportunity festival "Visiem", which will be held in the centre of Riga, in Vērmane garden.

Information about Riga Airport career day events and vacancies can be found here.