Riga Airport Maintains the Sustainability Index Platinum Category for the Third Year in a Row



For the third year in a row, Riga International Airport has received a high rating in the annual Sustainability Index, ranking in its Platinum category.


Sustainability Index is a strategic management instrument based on internationally recognized methodology that helps Latvian businesses assess sustainability of their activities and their corporate social responsibility level. Platinum status is granted to companies that have fully integrated corporate responsibility, conduct systematic data collection and impact assessments. They are accountable for their activities with a high level of transparency and engagement with their impact audiences, and their data have been validated by an external auditor.

Only 23 Latvian companies received the high Platinum category this year.

“The process of sustainability assessment at Riga Airport is part of daily work and a valuable tool for achieving our business goals, identifying shortcomings and improving various processes. It is also a great tool for measuring social responsibility of any company. Maintaining the Platinum level for the third year in a row, and in the context of the Covid-19 crisis, is an extremely high appreciation for both the company as a whole and our employees, who have made an invaluable contribution to reach this goal. We are determined to continue working to prove ourselves in the coming years to meet the standards for obtaining the newly introduced Diamond category,” says Laila Odiņa, Chairperson of the Board of Riga Airport.

This year, for the first year in a row, another rating level has been introduced in the Sustainability Index – the Diamond category, which is open to companies that have been able to maintain the Platinum level for at least five years, as well as show at least 90% compliance with the main Sustainability Index criteria. Among them are the achievements regarding the work environment, the environment, as well as the supply chain of companies, attitude towards customers and employees, future plans of these companies, as well as their contribution to the development of the industry and the country so far. No company has yet been awarded the newly established Diamond category this year.

Riga Airport prepares its annual sustainability reports in accordance with the international Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) standard, and has identified passenger safety, employee safety and health, open and ethical management, training, skills and development as its most important aspects of sustainability, as well as infrastructure development.

Riga Airport has been participating in the Sustainability Index assessment since 2011, entering the Bronze category in the first year. A year later, the company improved its performance by entering the Silver category, from 2016 the Airport was among the Gold category companies, but in 2019 it received the highest rating – Platinum.


Riga Airport is a fast-growing Northern European air traffic hub, connecting the Baltic States with European business centres and popular holiday destinations. As a member organization of the European Union Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) Aviation Industry Charter for COVID-19, Riga Airport works to the highest standards of epidemiological safety. Skytrax has awarded Riga Airport a four-star rating for its implemented Covid-19 safety measures.