Riga Airport Personnel will engage in Healthy Lifestyle Activities


To celebrate 28 April – the 2012 World Day for Safety and Health at Work – Riga International Airport has dedicated this week to safety and health at work and a healthy lifestyle. From 23 to 28 April every day in the company will be devoted to an activity related to safety at work or healthy life.

Throughout the month of April the company will focus on promotion of occupational safety by informative activities. The personnel have been invited to submit their ideas for the occupation safety and security competition and a photo/video competition on safety and health activities in the workplace.

“Our company’s biggest asset is its employees who leave for home every day to return to work refreshed and healthy in the morning. The management must take good care to preserve and increase this asset,” said Arnis Luhse, Chairman of the Board of Riga International Airport.

The Week for Occupational Safety and Healthy Lifestyle in the company begins on Monday, 23 April with a visit of the State Labour Inspectorate representatives and a lecture “Accident is never a Matter of Chance.”
Tuesday will be the Health Day when the employees can visit the first aid station and get a doctor’s consultation. They will also have an opportunity to give blood in the State Blood Donation Centre bus at the airport.

Wednesday is announced to be the Sports Day with special offers given to the airport staff by the representatives of various sports clubs. Thursday will be dedicated to healthy nutrition, whereas on Friday the employees will be urged to set and collect their personal records. The week will be concluded on Saturday – the Day of Joy – when everybody is invited to join collective gymnastics.

It should be noted that the Day for Safety and Health at Work at the airport is organised jointly with the RL Airport Workers’ Trade Union.