Riga Airport Receives the Highest – Diamond Category in the Sustainability Index


The Sustainability Index is a strategic management tool based on an internationally recognised methodology that helps Latvian companies assess sustainability of their operations and their level of corporate responsibility. Diamond status is awarded to companies that have consistently demonstrated invariably high performance in environmental, social and other aspects of sustainability.

To qualify for this category, a Sustainability Index member must be able to maintain a Platinum level for at least five years and score at least 90 % not only in the overall score, but also in all five sections of this assessment individually. Moreover, public information on the applicant's attitude towards stakeholders, in particular customers and employees, is assessed. Sustainability Index experts also meet with the applicant to assess its performance to date in terms of the working environment, the environment, its supply chain and its investment in industry and national development, as well as its future plans to improve this performance.

This year, only eight companies in Latvia were awarded the Diamond category.

"Sustainability in all its aspects is integrated into every work process at Riga Airport, and the Sustainability Index has been a valuable tool to achieve our business goals, identifying gaps and improving various processes over the years since the company has been participating in it. The Diamond category is a high recognition both for the company as a whole and for our employees, who have made an invaluable contribution to our sustainability goals. We are determined to continue our efforts to demonstrate our compliance with the highest sustainability standards in the years to come," said Laila Odiņa, Chairperson of the Board of Riga Airport.

Riga Airport prepares its annual sustainability reports in compliance with the international Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) standard and has identified passenger security, employee safety and health, open and ethical governance, training, skills and development, as well as infrastructure development as its most important sustainability aspects.

Riga Airport has been participating in the Sustainability Index since 2011, and as soon as in the first year, it was ranked in the Bronze category. A year later, the company improved its performance to Silver; from 2016, the Airport was among the Gold category companies, and in 2019, for the first time, it received the highest rating – Platinum rating.