Riga Airport Symphony is awarded “Global Creativity Award”


The project created by Riga Airport and creative agency “TBWA\Latvija”, “RIX Symphony” has been awarded “Global Creativity Award” within the framework of the industry excellence competition “IPRA Golden World Awards 2019” organised by the International Public Relations Association (IPRA). “RIX Symphony” is a unique composition created with the help of artificial intelligence transforming the movements recorded in the airport into sounds.

“IPRA Golden World Awards” is an annual communication industry excellence competition where the best projects are awarded in 37 categories. In this year’s competition, the symphony of the airport was awarded not only for its creativity but also triumphed in the category “Travelling and Tourism”.

“Last week IPRA's Global World Awards Gala in Armenia hosted PR professionals and experts from five continents becoming a true celebration of world's PR talent, creativity and innovation. I am very happy that Riga Airport Symphony won our special creative prize as a recognition on how PR experts can use AI for storytelling. Congratulations for this great achievement”, the President of IPRA, Svetlana Stavreva, added.

“The growth of Riga Airport has always been based on the readiness to set big goals and not to be afraid of challenges. It is great to know that we can facilitate recognition of the name of Latvia and Riga International Airport in the world not only thanks to the business and development achievements, but also with the first symphony created by an airport. It is important to facilitate the popularity of the airport, as it allows us to be noticed, to establish new relations with airlines and other business partners, developing the network of destinations and expanding the range of services offered to clients,” the CEO of Riga Airport, Ilona Līce, said.

“The memorable creative works are true, human and simple in their expression. Considering that the key goal was to show the complex side of the airport to general public in a friendly and easily understandable way, our task was to reach one true concept that would serve as basis for the creative idea and story. We discovered that airport has a significant common feature with music – both are based on perfect harmony,” Board Member of the creative agency TBWA\Latvija, Oskars Lakšēvics, explained. “As a result, a special traffic measuring artificial intelligence tool was used to record numerous movements of different airport infrastructure objects and people. Each object was assigned a special musical instrument, and each movement has a particular sound. Therefore, the artificial intelligence recorded and modelled different melodies. Composer had just link the melodies in a logical composition. That is how the first airport symphony was created.”

RIX Symphony” application video
RIX Symphony”: 

Riga International Airport is a rapidly growing traffic node of Northern Europe. In winter, the Airport offers its clients to travel to more than 90 destinations, in summer, – to more than 100 destinations provided by 20 airlines. In 2018, “Riga” Airport serviced more than 7 million passengers, i.e., 44% of the total number of passengers of the Baltic States.

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