In the Riga Airport Terminal This Week – a Commemorative Stand of the Times of the Barricades


In commemoration of the Barricades of 1991, this week, a stand dedicated to the time of the Barricades has been set up in the terminal of Riga Airport behind the security control. Here passengers can learn basic information about this non-violent resistance in defence of Latvia's independence, and watch video stories shared by Airport employees –memories of their participation in the Barricades. Passengers can also take a photo at the photo wall of the Barricade bonfire.

The stand was created with the support of the 1991 Barricade Museum, and it is based on one of the photographs by the photographer Ilgvars Gradovskis. The QR code in the informative part of the stand takes the visitors to the website of the Barricade Museum, where everyone has access to much information about the January events that took place 32 years ago, and which are the culmination of the restoration of Latvian statehood and national awakening.