Riga Airport Turnover Reaches 45.7 Million Euros in the First Nine Months of the Year


Net turnover of Riga International Airport in the first nine months of 2018 reached 45.7 million euros, according to the Airport’s unaudited condensed interim statement for the 9-month period ending on 30 September 2018.

Compared to the corresponding period of 2017, the Airport's turnover has increased by 12% or 5 million euros, reaching 45.7 million euros. The Airport has closed the nine-month period with a profit of 10.8 million euros.

Revenue from aviation services in the reporting period amounted to 28.7 million euros, and it is an increase of 21% as compared to the previous year. The largest share of aviation revenue consists of income from the services, the charges of which are set by the laws and regulations governing charges of aerodrome services and charges of security and rescue measures at the aerodrome.

Revenue from non-aviation services amounted to 17 million euros in the reporting period. The main non-aviation services offered by the Airport include lease of premises and land, and other services.

Riga International Airport is the largest air traffic hub in the Baltics. The 20 airlines operating at Riga Airport offer more than 60 destinations in the winter season and almost 90 in the summer season. In 2016, Riga Airport handled over 5.4 million passengers - nearly 45% of the entire Baltic air passenger traffic.