Riga Airport Urges Passengers to Travel Responsibly and Find out Requirements in Their Country of Destination in a Timely Manner



Riga Airport calls on those passengers who currently need to travel to do so responsibly, carefully observing the epidemiological safety requirements set at the Airport and on flights, and clarifying in good time all the conditions for the entry into the country of destination.


The Airport has comprehensive epidemiological safety measures in place since last May in order to ensure that travellers who need to fly are as protected as possible from the risk of becoming infected with Covid-19. Riga Airport has received the high four-star rating for its implemented safety measures in the prestigious Skytrax aviation rating. 

A study conducted at the Airport at the end of last year, in which 1010 respondents aged 18 to 65 were interviewed in a computer interview on the Internet, shows that 72% of respondents feel protected from Covid-19 risks at Riga Airport thanks to the implemented safety measures.

“Statistics show that the aviation industry is currently one of the safest modes of transport, and much more traceable than land transport or the "movement" of the virus inland. Air transport is a strictly supervised and easily traceable industry – data from Airport inspections show that almost 100% of passengers may present a negative Covid-19 test result on entry and have completed an e-certificate on Covidpass.lv; therefore, if necessary, the virus can be easily traced, if a positive case of Covid-19 is nevertheless detected. Since May, the Airport has been closely following the latest epidemiological guidelines and the recommendations of European and international aviation organizations in order to implement the most effective measures, thus contributing to limiting the spread of the virus. Riga Airport has joined the European Union Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) Aviation Industry Charter for Covid-19, confirming the company's ability to work to the highest standards of epidemiological safety and to cooperate at both national and international level to reduce the risk of the spread of the disease,” says Laila Odiņa, Chairperson of the Airport Board.

The Airport has strict rules on the use of masks and access to the terminal, the compliance with which is controlled by security staff when checking ticket booking. All customer service points at the Airport are equipped with safety glass, thus protecting both passengers and employees. The Airport adheres to high standards of cleanliness – surfaces are disinfected on a regular basis and cleaning has been intensified in common-use areas and vehicles, passengers have access to non-contact hand disinfection stands. Although the number of flights has decreased, the Airport uses the entire terminal to serve passengers, which means a wide range of distancing options, complemented by markings on the floor and chairs, helping passengers keep the required distance easier.

Additional safety for air travellers is provided by the requirement, which is in place since 15 January, namely, that entry into Latvia is allowed only for passengers who can present a negative Covid-19 test result; moreover, as of 25 January the test must be performed using the polymerase chain reaction (PCR) method, which is widely used worldwide and is the most internationally recognized method for testing Covid-19.

To ensure that the journey does not end before boarding, the Airport encourages passengers to read carefully the requirements of the chosen airline and entry rules in the country of destination, as more and more countries and airlines require not only e-certificates but also Covid-19 test results. There are also different restrictions on assembly and movement in different countries. Information on restrictions and requirements in European Union countries is compiled on the official website reopen.europa.eu and can be found at national embassies and on the websites of official bodies.

In order to provide passengers and employees of companies working at the Airport with additional opportunities to take Covid-19 test, E. Gulbis Laboratory contactless Covid-19 testing point now is available at Riga Airport. The results of the tests can be obtained after 24 hours. Considering that travellers from more and more countries are required to present Covid-19 test result, the Airport in cooperation with E. Gulbis Laboratory is working on the establishment of a permanent Covid-19 testing point, which will be located in the arrivals hall of the passenger terminal.

The Airport reminds that a negative test result does not cancel the obligation to observe 10 days of self-isolation and other restrictions set in Latvia to control the spread of Covid-19 infection.

To help passengers prepare for the trip, Riga Airport has developed a video series “Travel safely and forbid the virus from travelling", which is available on the Airport's youtube channel and social network accounts.

The main video of the cycle:


Riga Airport is a fast-growing Northern European air traffic hub, connecting the Baltic States with European business centres and popular holiday destinations. As a member organization of the European Union Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) Aviation Industry Charter for COVID-19, Riga Airport works to the highest standards of epidemiological safety. Skytrax has awarded Riga Airport a four-star rating for its implemented Covid-19 safety measures.