Riga hosts an international conference on airport development


EAD08 assembles more than 60 senior figures from the developed and developing countries' airports, airlines, aviation associations, and European and national legislators to discuss our ever-faster moving world. According to EC estimates, the air traffic will double by 2020, therefore the agenda of the conference includes the airport development and the potential of cooperation with Russia.

"The European airports, including Riga, have established close ties with many airports represented at the conference. Given the growth plans of RIGA International Airport, the conference is attended by the representatives of the airports with much greater experience in modernisation, development and upgrading of services. We have always been eager to acquire this experience, at the same time demonstrating our ambitions and goals against the backdrop of previous development. Undoubtedly, the competition among the European airports is tough - the development of aviation is on the rise, as we see from the forecasts of the European Union and IATA, yet every company is aware of the importance of sharing its experience with others, as everybody benefits from it, particularly the clients who expect to receive safe, top quality services”, said Krišjānis Peters, Chairman of the Board of RIGA International Airport.

The leading experts of the industry will share their experience and discuss both the strategic issues involving governments and legislators and the customer service matters. A vast range of issues will concern the development of airports in Europe:

  • Diversification into Airport Cities.
  • Low Cost Airports.
  • How to Minimise Capital Expenditure by Efficient Use of Existing Infrastructure.
  • New Generation Airport. Combining Quality, Flexibility and Sustainable Costs.

The representatives of RIGA International Airport demonstrated to the conference delegates the preliminary design of the new Riga Airport.

It is for the first time that the aviation industry forum of this level is held in the Baltic states.