RIGA International Airport to implement significant airfield modernisation and reconstruction projects


RIGA International Airport with financing from the EU Cohesion Fund in four years will accomplish significant projects of airfield infrastructure modernisation and reconstruction in the amount of EUR 95 million.

For implementation of the airfield infrastructure modernisation projects RIGA International Airport will attract EUR 58 million from the EU Cohesion Fund, while EUR 36 million will be co-financed by RIGA International Airport. The infrastructure development will comprise nine subprojects:
1) Renovation of the runway pavement,
2) Strengthening of the runway strip,
3) Construction of new taxiways,
4) Modernisation of the airfield lighting system to conform with ICAO (International Civil Aviation Organisation) Category II requirements,
5) Reconstruction and expansion of the aircraft aprons, and establishing of new aircraft stands,
6) Construction of aircraft anti-icing platforms at both ends of the runway,
7) Reconstruction of storm water and underground drainage systems,
8) Construction of a washing hangar for the airfield maintenance vehicles,
9) Construction of a new waste collection area.

Implementation of the infrastructure projects will enable the airport to increase the airfield capacity at peak hours from the current 30 flights to at least 35 flights and to save the airlines’ costs and time of taxiing, taking off or landing. Modernisation of the runway lighting system will ensure more efficient take off and landing of aircrafts in limited visibility situations – heavy snowfall or thick fog.
Infrastructure development will greatly contribute to the environment protection and help preserve it.

According to the schedule in spring 2010 an international tender procedure will be arranged for drafting the modernisation and reconstruction project. Construction works are slated to begin in 2011 and to be accomplished by the end of 2013.