Riga International Airport to introduce new services with contribution from the ERDF


The Investment and Development Agency of Latvia has approved the project of Riga International Airport on introduction of new services. Within the project framework electronic security control gates (e-gates) will be installed at the airport and a new baggage reconciliation system introduced.

„The activities covered by this project are very important indeed as ERDF funding enables us to upgrade the airport facilities and provide better quality services,” said Arnis Luhse, Chairman of the Board.

E-gates will be installed for automated checking of boarding passes and will help eliminate deliberate or unintentional human errors.

„The security e-gates will provide the passengers with the opportunity to use a mobile telephone message as a boarding pass. It is an environment friendly solution as the printed boarding passes will not be required any more,” added A.Luhse.

The project will also deal with a baggage reconciliation system (BRS) ensuring that the baggage travels on the same flight as its owner and all the security checks have been made. The possibility of baggage being lost or not arriving at its destination will be reduced to the minimum.
Notably, the BRS will greatly save the time needed for handling of baggage. The airport will receive the information about the baggage and will be able to forward it to the airport of destination.

Another project activity is introduction of the wireless data transmission network on the airport apron in order to ensure functioning of the BRS and exchange of information.

Total costs of the project amount to Ls 381 309.00 with ERDF contributing Ls 129 641.64 and the Airport providing the rest of the funds. The project is to be launched in August 2011 and accomplished by 19 January 2012.

Additional information:
The project will be implemented under Operational Programme 2 „Entrepreneurship and Innovation”, Priority 2.1 „Science and Innovation”, Measure 2.1.2 „Innovation”, Activity „Development of New products and Technologies”, Sub-activity „Development of New products and Technologies – Aid for Implementation of New Products and Technologies in Production”.