Riga International Airport is open to pupils and students


Today, on 9 June, Riga International Airport will extend its hospitality to a group of students of Tourism and Air Transportation of the University of Applied Sciences in Chur (Switzerland). During the visit the students will be taken on a guided tour of the airport territory and informed of the airport’s aviation marketing activities.

Riga International Airport is equally open to the students of local and foreign educational establishments arranging for them visits and excursions to the airport as well as providing internship opportunities in the chosen profession.

„Knowing how big is the youngsters’ interest about the work in the aviation industry and that the students of various education establishments are our potential employees, we are very responsive and give them the opportunity to learn about the airport operations and the specifics of various jobs,” said Arnis Luhse, Chairman of the Board of Riga International Airport.

Riga Airport as an internship place is most frequently chosen by the students of the University of Latvia, Riga Technical University, and the School of Business Administration Turība for practicing in the fields of marketing, finance, tourism and hospitality as well as information technologies and engineering sciences.

Besides, Riga International Airport for a symbolic fee arranges excursions to all the interested parties. Everybody can find out more about the history and development of the airport, the airlines operating there, routes, territory and other facts related to air travel. For more information and booking of excursions please call: + 371 67207999.