Riga International Airport reaches cargo reloading record


Riga International Airport serviced 7,519 tonnes of cargo in April, an unprecedented amount to date in the history of the airport. It is 657 per cent higher than last year in April.

On average, the airport has been previously serving 1,000 tonnes of cargoes per month. The amount of the cargo served at the airport this month has mainly increased thanks to commencement of operations by two US airlines Kalitta Air and National Air Cargo.

These operations are significant for Riga International Airport, as they contribute to the development of cargo servicing. “Considering the significance of fast cargo servicing and delivery thereof to the destination, Riga International Airport has already created 11 new workplaces in order to perform this function. It is not only the airport that benefits as a result of the development of the cargo transport, but the entire economy of Latvia as well," said Arnis Luhse, the Chairman of the Management Board of the Riga International Airport .

Riga International Airport is the largest air transport hub in the Baltic States. As many as 16 airlines offer routes to 78 different destinations from Riga. The airport serviced 1.35 million passengers in the first quarter of 2012.