RIGA International Airport urges passengers to use fast, easy and versatile check-in options


As the passenger flow increases, particularly in the summer season when travelling is at its peak, RIGA International Airport urges the passengers to choose more convenient and faster check-in options.

To date RIGA International Airport for the passengers’ convenience offers five options of checking in for the flight:
- classical registration upon arrival at the airport and checking in at the desks of the airline check-in agents;
- online registration on the Internet home pages of the airlines;
- registration at the self check-in kiosks at the airport;
- twilight check in is one more option of a convenient checking in for the flight. Those who have no access to the Internet may use this service. It is particularly convenient for the families with kids travelling with many bags;
- Check in with a short mobile phone message provided by the airlines Finnair and Lufthansa.

RIGA International Airport requests the passengers to arrive two hours before the scheduled flight. Recently several airlines have introduced a charge for check-in at the airport and/or online, yet almost every airline is providing options for checking in free of charge. Upon booking a ticket we advise the passengers to find out about the check-in rules of the airline.

The goal of RIGA International Airport is to have informed passengers who have experienced the satisfaction of self-service checking in on the Internet or at the airport self-check-in kiosks saving their time and enjoying extra convenience.