RIX receives payment for services provided to FlyLAL over the summer season


The Lithuanian airline FlyLAL since the middle of this summer had been in arrears with payments to RIGA International Airport, moreover, it was unwilling to honour its obligations and agree upon settlement of its liabilities. Consequently, RIGA International Airport repeatedly submitted to the captain of the FlyLAL aircraft crew the invoices for the delivered groundhandling services.

The FlyLAL aircraft arrived at RIGA International Airport on 25 October at 23.50 and, according to the schedule, it had to perform a turnaround flight to Vilnius on 26 October at 6.35. In view of avoidance by FlyLAL of paying the bills for ground handling of its aircrafts in RIGA International Airport, the latter was compelled to make a decision to delay Flight No.TE709 until such time as the debt would be settled.

The provisions of the groundhandling contract between FlyLAL and RIGA International Airport are confidential; therefore the airport may not disclose the actual amount of outstanding debt, sufficient to say that the sum is quite significant.

RIGA International Airport extends apologies to all the passengers who had booked tickets for the FlyLAL flight and sincerely hopes that FlyLAL is not facing similar problems in the airports of other countries and that the airline will be able to fulfil its obligations to passengers and airports.