Self-check-in kiosks available to passengers at RIGA International Airport


”The self-check-in kiosk is one more option for the passengers to check in for the flight already upon their arrival at the airport. Those who have no access to the web check-in or the twilight check-in or else are unwilling to queue at the check-in desks, can use this option. It is a convenient solution for those who travel light, without extra baggage,” said Jānis Baļķens, Vice President of RIGA International Airport.

Ten self-check-in kiosks are installed in the check-in area of the terminal. They have both a touch screen and a keyboard to be used if the airline’s web check-in service is not upgraded for the use of the touch screen. The airline logos are displayed on the screen, and passengers can touch the appropriate logo in order to check in for the flight. The check-in process is the same as on the airline website. The time spent for registration is approximately a minute and a half, depending on the person and the capacity of the airline’s internet.

Upon successful registration, the passenger at the self-check-in kiosk receives a boarding pass with a 2D bar code. The kiosks do not provide the baggage check-in function therefore it has to be checked in at the baggage drop-off point at the registration desks. Soon the number of the baggage drop-off points at the airport will be increased.

The self-check-in kiosks are manufactured by „SZ KMY Co” (China) and supplied by SIA „Sonex Technologies Latvia”, their size is 450x466x1500 cm. The kiosks were supplied in accordance with the open tender arranged on 14 March 2008. The price of one kiosk, including the software, delivery, installation and training, is LVL3427 (without VAT). The price of a single kiosk without the software is LVL 3040 (without VAT).