“Venipak” launch weekly cargo freight service from Riga Airport



On Saturtday, September 18, the international parcel delivery company "Venipak" will start air cargo transportation from the Riga Airport, which was announced on Friday, September 17, at a press conference. The first weekly flights are planned to Hong Kong and at least twice a week from mid-October.


The press conference attended Justas Šablinskas, Chairman of the Board of “Venipak”, Artūrs Saveļjevs, Member of the Board of Riga Airport, and Martinas Bulovičius, Head of the International Department of “Venipak”. During the event, the media had the opportunity to know about Venipak's strategic development plans, as well as information about the planned cargo freight service.

The aim of air cargo freight is to provide a service from the first to the last mile, to help customers with export and import procedures, thus facilitating the delivery of goods, which will also provide a shorter time than before.

Representatives of the company said that during the research, favorable conditions were seen to first choose Riga Airport as a cooperation partner, because currently flights from Europe are mainly organized via Frankfurt and Amsterdam, but it is relatively far from the Baltic States, so additional logistics services need to be organized. In the field of delivery services, time is one of the most important aspects, as well as it should be taken into account that the administration of Riga Airport was able to react quickly and help solve various logistics issues and offer solutions. "There are several automated e-commerce customs clearance procedures in Latvia, which are performed faster and easier, these are the reasons why we chose this type of cooperation," says Justas Šablinskas, Chairman of the Board of Venipak.

The first flight was chosen to Hong Kong, which is the logistics center of China. The Covid-19 pandemic has also made air freight significantly more difficult, which has led to an increase in transit duration. "In order to reach the Baltic States, there is currently a lot of reloading work, for example, in Istanbul, Frankfurt or Amsterdam, which can increase a risk of goods damage. Due to the increased load, the capacity of the airports has decreased, so we were looking for a small but fast-reacting and professional airport located in the Baltic region, after the decision was made, we organize cargo through the "Riga" airport," says J. Šablinskas.

“Venipak” has already invested € 2.5 million in air cargo freight, of which € 1.5 million is an initial investment to build a team of experts and an internet technology platform, as well as membership fees for various organizations, and an additional € 1 million invested in aircraft rental and maintenance at airports.

Artūrs Saveļjevs, a member of the board of Riga International Airport, emphasizes: “We are pleased that “Venipak” has chosen Riga International Airport as its home for air cargo freight, and we can also mark Hong Kong on our direct cargo destination map. This confirms that the ongoing work to develop and strengthen the airport's cargo segment is a step in the right direction and our customers appreciate the potential of Riga Airport as a Baltic aviation center and in the air cargo sector. Riga Airport provides both the necessary solutions and growth opportunities for our customers' business.”

At the press conference, “Venipak” also informed that the delivery of intercontinental shipments and cargo by air had already been planned for some time in the company's strategic business goals, so that by 2025 it would be possible to work on four continents, in 40 countries. "This is a strategically thought-out and internally discussed goal, which we start to achieve when we are ready to offer business customers a quality service that ensures fast and safe delivery of shipments. It took about six months from the  final idea, to start the preparation of the first flight, ”says Martinas Bulovičius, Head of the International Department of Venipak.

Venipak is currently conducting further research in three areas: air cargo from Eastern Europe to Shanghai, from Eastern Europe to the east coast of the United States (USA), such as the Atlanta, New York or Chicago, and from Hong Kong to the west coast of the United States.

“Atran” was chosen as the cargo carrier, which was able to offer the necessary aircraft at affordable prices and on schedule, ensuring that the cargo volume could reach 21 tons.


About the “Venipak” Group

Founded in 2004, the international parcel delivery company, “Venipak”, offers efficient parcel logistics solutions to businesses and private customers in the Baltic countries, Poland, Germany, the USA and China. Each year, the company improves its courier services, invests in technological solutions for e-commerce and expands the parcel delivery network in the Baltic countries. The “Venipak” parcel delivery network with nearly 600 collection points is today available to customers in Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia. “Venipak” plans to develop a network of nearly 2,000 postal terminals and pick-up points over the next few years, and to become one of the largest parcel delivery networks in the Baltic countries.