Work conditions improved at Riga International Airport


This week at Riga International Airport additional lighting was installed at the check-in desks of the terminal. Improvement of the employees’ working conditions is one of the first tasks set this year by the new board of the airport.

„It is essential for the personnel workplace to be as safe and healthy as possible. The airport, just like any employer, is obliged to provide such conditions,” said Arnis Luhse, Chairman of the Board of Riga International Airport.

Lighting was improved in the check-in area due to the deficiencies pointed out by the staff. In order to solve this problem, necessary measurements were taken and a system of lights spanning the length of 66 metres was installed above all the check-in desks.

Now the lighting at the workplaces is sufficient and conforms to the laws and regulations of the Republic of Latvia.

It should be also noted that in order to enhance the information on arrivals, departures, beginning/end of checking in and reclaiming of baggage, new LCD monitors are being installed at the terminal. The new monitors are of better quality and, apart from the flight information, they will be used for broadcasting other news items that are relevant for passengers and the airport staff. In total, 90 new monitors will be installed and by now the screens at the check-in area have been fully replaced.