We generally advise you to arrive at the Airport at least two hours before your flight departure time. This way you’ll have plenty of time to complete all the pre-flight procedures.

Mobile boarding passes
At Riga Airport, passengers are welcome to use mobile boarding passes. 

You cannot check in for your flight online if:

  • you are travelling to a destination that requires a visa. There are some countries that require passengers to have specific documents on hand, which means that the airport staff must check your passport, visa, and travel documents at check-in;
  • you are travelling to a country that requires passenger passport data to be secured by the airline before departure.

In these cases, you will be required to check in at the airport.

Where can I check in online?
On the website of your airline, if the airline offers this possibility.

Can I check in my baggage online?
No, you can only check in your baggage at the check-in desk or at the self-service baggage drop-off points. They are located in the check-in hall.

  • Please note that non-standard baggage such as baby strollers, sports equipment, oversized baggage, etc. cannot be checked-in at self-service check-in points.

If you are travelling with your cabin baggage only, you can check in online, pass security, and head straight to your aircraft.

If you have any questions or concerns, don’t hesitate to contact your airline.