We are doing everything we can to take special care of families travelling with kids, offering a range of amenities. Here we have collected some tips to make your family trip comfortable and enjoyable.

Before the flight
Make sure to read your airline's terms and conditions
Check exactly what documents your child needs
At the airport
Baby strollers
Baby care
Children travelling alone
Special offers for Latvian Families of Honour
Please note!

Airport staff are obliged to refuse registration to children flying alone if they do not have the required documents.

Family friendly workplace
We are a long-term member of the initiative "Family Friendly Workplace".
Initiative "Family Friendly Workplace"
The aim of the initiative is to promote the development of a work environment culture in Latvia that is empathetic, humane and understanding, while offering tools for both the assessment of the existing work environment and financial assistance in the implementation of various support measures for employees.