One of our environmental objectives is to identify the impact of airport operations on biodiversity in the areas that surround us.

Carriage of animals and birds within and around the airfield

We monitor the movement of animals and birds in and around the airfield because a collision with animals or large birds can damage the aircraft, leading to serious consequences. We restrict the access of animals to the airfield through fencing and other perimeter protection measures. To reduce the presence of birds, we use such protection measures as sound signals, mowing the lawns, insect control.

Project ’Implementation of the Directive on the conservation of wild birds in European airfields’

From 2022–2024, Riga Airport, in cooperation with the Nature Conservation Agency, is participating in the European Union’s environmental law enforcement network project ’Implementation of the Directive on the conservation of wild birds in European airfields’. The intended outcome of the project is to gain insight into the impact on habitats, birds, pollinators and other animals, and also into the wildlife monitoring practices in European airfields.

Donations for environmental protection

A deposit packaging drop-off point has been installed in the terminal, located before the security checkpoint. We give the deposit fee of EUR 0.10 per deposit container as a passenger donation to an environmental cause: projects pursuing the restoration of disappearing natural grasslands. The projects are implemented by the Latvian Fund for Nature.